FAVORITE CASTLES: England and Wales Vol. 1

Favorite Castles England and Wales CoverTwelve Favorite castles in England and Wales in gorgeous full color and stories of history, design and significance from the perspective of a medieval enthusiast traveler exploring historical Europe, written and photographed by travel expert Michael January from the online Europe Budget Travel guide website BargainTravelEurope.com

The first volume of Favorite Castles series is now available. Other volumes will follow on the castles of Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Croatia and elsewhere.  


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FAVORITE CASTLES: More England and Wales Vol. 2

More England and Wales favorite CastlesWith fourteen more iconic castles across the UK, from Windsor Castle to Arundel, with stories of the "Knighting of the Beef" at Hoghton Tower, haunted Muncaster and Tom Foolery, and the murder of Edward II at Berkeley Castle and the untold story legends of Nottingham Castle from Robin Hood to Mortimer's Hole.




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Favorite Castles: England and Wales US
Favorite Castles: England and Wales UK

Favorite Castles: More England and Wales US
Favorite Castles: More England and Wales UK


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