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Roger Asquith

Roger Asquith and Lucille BallRoger Asquith first operated a radio in the Royal Air Force. He later trained as a Marine Radio Officer in London and then set sail around the world on British, Australian, Swedish vessels and finally the hell ship known as the CUBAN TRADER. After a year as a trainee TV cameraman for the CBC in Canada, Roger went to Hollywood. Unable to get a job in television, Roger first worked in the sound department at Walt Disney on the dubbing of Lady and the Tramp into foreign languages, then managed the HOLLYWOOD NEWS SERVICE writing articles for British, Australian and American magazines where he hobnobbed with stars from Elvis Presley, Bette Davis, George Cukor, Marilyn Monroe to Lucille Ball. Roger later opened a bar on the Costa de Sol in Spain, which inspired another story, a wild adventure chasing a thief in drag from Palm Springs to Spain and finally a Sultan’s Sex Palace in exotic Tangiers. SELBY. Roger now lives a much quieter life somewhere in the Gloucestershire English Cotswolds. Roger Asquith Profile.

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Michael January

Michael January is screenwriter for film and television as well as a travel writer and photographer. The "Favorite Castles" book series is the result of two interests, seeing the world through a visual eye and telling stories. The author began his travel writing with a search for castles and plot ideas in while in production on a film in Europe. His travels have since taken him to a wide swath of countries and locations with lots of travel in Europe on a budget. The picture seen here was taken at the Matterhorn in Switzerland. The first two books in the castles series "England and Wales Vol 1" and "Ireland and Northern Ireland" are available with more in the multi volume castles guide and history photography series forthcoming, on countries like Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and France. Michael January Profile




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