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Michael January

Michael January is screenwriter for film and television as well as a travel writer and photographer. The "Favorite Castles" book series is the result of two interests, seeing the world through a visual eye and telling stories. The author began his travel writing with a search for castles and plot ideas in while in production on a film in Europe. His travels have since taken him to a wide swath of countries and locations with lots of travel in Europe on a budget. The picture seen here was taken at the Matterhorn while touring Switzerland by scenic train. The first three books in the castles series: "England and Wales Vol 1", "Ireland and Northern Ireland" and "Switzerland, are available with more in the multi volume castles guide and history photography series forthcoming, on countries like Germany, Belgium and France. Michael appears in the documentary of screenwritng "Tales From the Script" and has written for motor sports magazines, travel and entertainment publications. Michael has now written his first novel Frankenstein Diaires: The Romantics about the inspiration for Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" and the source of creation.

Favorite Castles: England and Wales - Vol.1 & 2

Favorite Castles: Ireland & Northern Ireland

Favorite Castles: Switzerland

Favorite Castles: Germany

Frankenstein Diaries: The Romantics

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