THAT'S HOLLYWOOD! - Murder, Blackmail and Drag Queens - the real Tinseltown!

That Hollwood BookJack Green wants to sell his rundown Hollywood film studio to the developers. Frances, his daughter wants it for herself. Big Max wants it to shoot porno and Crazy Kurt wants to watch. Stan, the hunky Gigolo has what they all want – except Donna Gambelli. She wants Jason the chicken. The Drag Queens from San Francisco want it all - except for Marlene. “She” will take whatever “he” can get. Well-endowed Jimmy dances in revealing crotch-grabbers; his brother Larry dances in tights, and – Dirk, the Butch Ballerina, plans to get into them. Wes Cairns is a porn star who wants a fluffer, while cutie Hank wants to FLUFF him. Mix well with cold blooded murder, a bent Banker from Boston, a naughty gay nurse and a desperate Sugar Daddy who peeks through glory holes - and you have the perfect recipe for a side-splitting fun-filled read. Roger Asquith is at it again. This hilarious peek through a few of Tinseltown’s famous glory holes is actually based on his experiences as a Producer’s gopher. Although the names have been changed, the wild action in Palm Springs and Hollywood is all true!

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